I am hiring a postdoctoral researcher to work on non-linear feature selection in high dimensional, low sample-size data, with applications to multi-locus genome-wide association studies. See the full offer (pdf) for details.

I am a researcher at the Centre for Computational Biology (CBIO) of ARMINES/MINES ParisTech, Institut Curie and INSERM (which are all part of PSL Research University). My research interests revolve around machine learning techniques for therapeutic research.

Short bio

Previously I have worked in the area of chemoinformatics and drug design (more particularly, virtual high-throughput screening) during my PhD at UC Irvine with Pierre Baldi. I switched my focus to the other side of the coin during my postdoctoral stay at the Max Planck Institutes for Developmental Biology and Intelligent Systems in Tübingen, where I worked with Karsten Borgwardt as a member of the Machine Learning and Computational Biology (MLCB) research group on methods for genome-wide association studies. I joined CBIO in December 2013.


  • Christophe Le Priol
    Systemic analysis of the micro-RNAs involved in epithelial cancers.
    PhD student at CEA since January 2016.
    Joint supervision with Xavier Gidrol.
  • Héctor Climente González
    Integrating structural constraints in multi-locus genome-wide association studies.
    PhD student since October 2016.
    Joint supervision with Véronique Stoven.
  • Lotfi Slim
    Detection of epistasis in genome-wide association studies with machine learning methods for biomarkers and therapeutic target identification.
    PhD student since December 2016.
    Joint supervision with Véronique Stoven and Clément Chatelain.
  • Antoine Récanati
    Postdoctoral researcher since October 2018 and research engineer at Sancare.
    Privacy-preserving training of distributed models and clinical trial recruitment.
  • Asma Nouira
    Stable feature selection for multi-locus genome-wide association studies.
    PhD student since January 2018.
    Joint supervision with Véronique Stoven.
  • Ndèye Maguette Mbaye
    Learning from multi-modal data to improve cancer treatment.
    PhD student since September 2019.
  • Marc Michel
    Determining the potential of methylation of circulating tumor DNA as a pan-cancer biomarker.
    PhD student at Paris Saclay since October 2019.
    Joint supervision with Charlotte Proudhon.
  • Élise Dumas
    Evaluation of the interactions between comedications and recurrence-free survival in breast cancer from SNDS data.
    PhD student at Paris Saclay since October 2019.
    Joint supervision with Fabien Reyal.



I teach lectures related to bioinformatics, machine learning and drug discovery at several places, including MINES ParisTech, Centrale Paris and Paris-Diderot. I'm also teaching online courses (in French) at OpenClassrooms. See my teaching page for more details.

Women in Machine Learning and Data Science

I am the co-founder of the Parisian chapter of Women in Machine Learning and Data Science. We host meetups where all invited speakers identify as female. People of every gender are welcome to attend! We also have a public Slack channel.

Are you trying to organize a gender-balanced machine learning event, but find yourself unable to find women speakers? WiML has a great list of women active in machine learning. You may also be interested in Request a Woman Scientist and, for French speakers, in Les Expertes.