Chloé-Agathe Azencott

Researcher at the Centre for Computational Biology (CBIO) of Mines ParisTech, Institut Curie and INSERM.


En direct du labo

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J'ai eu le plaisir la semaine dernière de partager un peu ma vie de chercheuse sur le compte Twitter @endirectdulabo, sur lequel chaque semaine, un scientifique différent partage son quotidien et ses recherches. J'ai ainsi pu parler de génomique, de machine learning, de big data, de recherche médicale ou de la mise au point de nouveaux médicaments, mais aussi de la vie du labo et du monde académique (femmes en informatique, la vie après la thèse, comparaisons avec l'Allemagne et les États-Unis, etc.). Le tout a été archivé par les petites mains de l'équipe sur Storify !


Making posters with Scribus

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A few notes on my poster-making workflow as I am getting ready for the ICPR Workshop on Features and Structures (FEAST) 2014. When in Tübingen I was using LaTeX and the template of the MLCB group. However I recently decided to come back to the ways of my graduate student days and use the desktop publishing application Scribus. Scribus is much more flexible in terms of layout and design; it is open source, works cross-platform, and makes it possible to integrate LaTeX equations.

I am certainly using only a small fraction of the possibilities of Scribus. However, here's my workflow:

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Dotclear turns 10

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Just a shout out for Dotclear, the little blog engine that could! I've been a happy Dotclear user since 2007, and it was a natural choice to power this website when I started it last year. I am very happy to see this project, powered by a small, open-source, French community, finding its second wind in time for its 10th anniversary.

Happy birthday, Dotclear, and here's to the next ten years!


Notes from JOBIM 2013

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JOBIM (Journées Ouvertes Biologie, Informatique et Mathématiques) is the French conference in bioinformatics. I attended the 14th edition in Toulouse, thanks to a travel fellowship from the conference that made it possible for me to travel from Germany and give a talk on network-guided multi-locus association mapping with graph cuts ([slides]).

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Installing PyGTK on Mac OS X 10.7

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This is how I installed PyGTK on my office machine, a Mac with OS X 10.7.5 (aka Lion) on which I've never managed to properly use fink or macports and gave up trying to install homebrew. In other words, without a package manager. Look, mommy, no hands!

I'm putting those notes here in case it might help someone struggling with similar problems. Please try using a package manager first, and save yourself some headache.

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